Hakkatha Report: Dider Chowdhury, Special Correspondent of NTV, won the ‘Dhaka Reporters Unity’ award for his analytical report over Cyber café attack on children. The series report highlighted how the children of the capital city of Bangladesh were affected psychologically on their development by the misuse of the internet. It was alleged in the report that about 80 percent of the children in the city used the internet and had their own Facebook accounts. However, according to Facebook terms and conditions, an account holder must be an adult. This proves that accounts opened by the children are all fake. They opened these accounts by showing their age more than the real one. The report also said that children used internet at home or in cyber café and usually visited the adult sites more. Evidence was found in favor of this statement while investigating in several cyber cafes in the capital.

In this regard, internet experts emphasized the awareness of the guardians as well as the government’s surveillance. They gave importance on the parents giving more time to their children. The three episodes were telecast in NTV, the most popular TV channel of Bangladesh. Even though the report was about the problems of children, the award was given as the best report in the category `Crisis of Dhaka’. Dider Chowdhury had been working in NTV since 2006. He mainly worked in Law and Order beat. Besides, he often made reports about various social problems too. He was also awarded by a number of other organizations for his thoughtful and investigative reports.